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Author of Linux.Encoder Fails for the Third Time, Ransomware Is Still Decryptable
Antivirus maker Dr.Web first discovered Linux.Encoder at the start of November 2015. News about the ransomware spread quickly, mainly because it targeted Web servers, looking to encrypt crucial files used in Web hosting and Web development …
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Connecticut Computer Service and CASE Partners Join Forces as of January 1, 2016
"Our solutions and services will now encompass a variety of aspects pertaining to Datacenter, Network, Collaboration, Security, End-Points, Web Development, Systems Integration, Salesforce & CRM, System Architecture, Training and Managed Services.
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Daily Deal: Coding Bundles Round-Up
The $ 39 Interactive Coding Bootcamp from Coding Manual has what you need for web development, with over 33 hours of content covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, front-end frameworks, databases, e-commerce, Git, and …
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Why virtual reality is (still) the next big thing
Similarly, he said, to what WordPress did for Web development, Project Sansar will provide tools for your average VR consumer to develop their own VR projects. “VR is not necessarily an entirely new medium,” Altberg said in an interview. “It's a new …
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Hybrid Hosting: The Third-Generation Cloud
When Amazon entered the field, it was building its own web infrastructure to address a particular set of rapid needs and lessen the gap between its application engineers and infrastructure engineers. This led to the development of a proprietary set of …
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Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future Of Web Development

Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future Of Web Development
App development is ever evolving. And from the seeds and ruins of the last generation come the innovations for the next. A new architecture is coming that will help bridge the gap between performance of Web and native apps and may finally provide the …
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Web Design: Don't Reinvent the Wheel
Built by the web development firm Zurb, the company's approach to development has proved to be a strong alternative to Bootstrap. It also goes in directions that Bootstrap hasn't, such as email. The Washington Post is among the framework's biggest fans.
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How To Be an "In Demand" Java Developer in 2016
What is waiting for Java developers in 2016 and what skills will be in demand? We can make some predictions based on information and facts which we already have. The infographics below demonstrates which Java web developer skills are needed in 2016 …
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People Will Be Able To Explore Brownstown On New Website

People Will Be Able To Explore Brownstown On New Website
Creative Avenue, a Web development and graphic design business in Brownstown,says the website will feature photos of places around town and has clickable tabs across the top. One of the tabs is for government pages, including fire, police and sewer …

The app dev undead: 5 technologies limping along
Last year, was flying high and looked to give native mobile app development a run for its money. Equipped with a 3D physics-based animation engine, positioned its open source JavaScript framework as taking Web development for mobile …
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Avatar New York Explains 3 Misconceptions About SEO
Avatar New York is an innovating, award-winning New York web design firm dedicated to providing clients with responsive websites that help grow brands and convert visitors to customers. With an expertise in web development, branding, cloud hosting, …
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PSDtoDrupalDeveloper is back with an extended winter sale on drupal services
It's time to turn your business into a brand with Drupal web design and development services. This whopping discount is like the cherry on the cake in this festive season where you can strengthen your online business with world-class Drupal services …
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Take the Lead with an Online Master's Degree
… with an estimated 26 percent premium over those with a bachelor's working in network and computer systems administrative roles, with a range of 18 percent to 23 percent higher wages for those in information security analysis or web development …
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Mozilla's VR Team Walks Us Through Creating a Basic VR-capable Website
“A-Frame is aimed squarely at the web developer community, the vast majority of whom have been frozen out of WebVR development because they don't know WebGL, the powerful-but-complex 3D API that WebVR runs on,” Carpenter told me recently.
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12% discount offer on website & mobile apps development

12% discount offer on website & mobile apps development
Reverie, a Bangladeshi Apps & Websites developer, has announced a flat 12% discount for developing any website & mobile application. They are offering this discount for the New Year. This offer will be available starting from 25th December 2016 till …
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CU*Answers offers decision model review
Additional services include web development, network design and security, and image check processing. Founded 40+ years ago, CU*Answers is a 100% credit union-owned cooperative CUSO providing services to credit unions representing over 1.8 million …
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In Brooklyn, An Incubator Perseveres As Biotech Perks Up in the City

In Brooklyn, An Incubator Perseveres As Biotech Perks Up in the City
Cramer spearheaded an effort to raise money from city and state sources like Empire State Development's NYSTAR, and Downstate used the cash to buy space adjacent to the school and build an incubator in phases as more money would come in. Cramer …
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Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Great Website
Its founder, Eliot Silver, says that many domain investors weigh the value of potential for brand development higher than the value of current traffic or revenue. His website gets around 10,000 visits a month, with 20-25% of those from direct navigation.
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Web service provides everything digital
Unlike most independent Web services, which specialize in one field or another, Fanwick's company offers a comprehensive digital suite to clients, for businesses and startup ventures looking to tackle Web development, e-commerce, search engine …
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Guns N' Roses official web site updated fuelling speculation of a reunion
It's a significant development because frontman Axl Rose and lead guitarist Slash have long been in dispute over who owns the band's logo and other copyrights. Another development is that the band's official website has begun selling merchandise …

In the green: Native plant sanctuary gets 15K grant to help attract visitors

In the green: Native plant sanctuary gets 15K grant to help attract visitors
The grant also provided the opportunity for Coastal Research and Extension Center web developer Andy Collins to place Facebook ads for larger events, which has boosted the arboretum's reach on social media, the release states. The Crosby Arboretum is …
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